Our books are at the intersection of diversity, literacy and sustainability


    Diversity: Increase diverse representation in industry publications

    Literacy: Simplify risk management content

    Sustainability: Create shorter, eco-friendly books



    Flip This Risk®️ Books is the new Dummies-type book

    for the Risk Management Industry.

    Except, We're No Dummy When it Comes to Managing Risk™





    Did You Know That A Book is the New Networking Tool?


    That's why being a published thought leader speaks volumes and separates you from the crowd.


    Nothing exhibits success like being published in a book that has a strong brand presence!


    When you are a published author, you:


    Increase your influence.

    ✅ Build credibility/authority in your field.

    ✅ Expand your professional brand and network.

    ✅ Achieve greater personal satisfaction and confidence.













  • We are Re-Imagining Risk Management Content!

    62 Media Publishing is Home to the 

    Award-Winning Flip This Risk®️ Book Series


    We know that the look and feel of our books are unlike most traditional, old school risk management books.




    We leverage unique knowledge from subject-matter experts to problem-solve contemporary issues in the field and present their thought leadership in bold, colorful packaging to the world.


    Our book chapters are written by real-world practitioners with diverse backgrounds who want to obtain publishing credentials for career advancement.




    Contributing writers amplify their professional voice using our signature 7-STEP Publishing Method

    • Apply to our Writing Workshop.
    • We guide experts through our unique writing process.
    • We provide live and recorded coaching sessions.
    • Our contributing writers keep 100% copyright ownership of their work.




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