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    What Our Writing Program Participants Are Saying...

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    "I'm thankful that I had the opportunity to work with some amazing women and get professionally published in my first book! I had the pleasure of co-authoring a chapter on Travel and Event Security. I never imagined I could be published, especially so early in my career. It is such a cool feeling to hold this book in my hands. Big thanks to Dr. Hardy for organizing this project and creating a platform for women in security to share their knowledge and insights."

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    "Becoming a published author has been on my bucket list for quite some time. At this stage in my career, I find it very important to share what I've learned with others. That said, life kept getting in the way of contributing to a book project as that seemed too daunting of a task. Thanks to Dr. Hardy's program, I was able to laser focus on a topic I am passionate about and create focused content with a group of people I respect and trust. What an incredibly enriching experience."

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    "This was an amazing experience. The encouragement to just write and focus on progress over perfection made this a very easy process. I've wanted to write a book for some time and having the opportunity to start with a single chapter was the perfect entry point."



    Join Esteemed Industry Colleagues as a contributing author 

    ➡️ No Time To Write A Book? No worries! We have created a streamlined 7 STEP Publishing Method that reduces the intimidation factor when writing a book and fits your work schedule.
    ➡️ Looking for a better way to earn Continuing Education credit hours? Why spend time attending yet another boring webinar? Instead, become a published author and earn Continuing Education Credit hours for your contribution!
    ➡️ No More Isolation! With our Model, you won't be writing alone. We provide the coaching you need to be successful.
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